Sunday, September 9, 2012

Risky’s BBQ(Fort Worth Stockyards). The brisket tacos I ordered were the best I have ever had, and ranks high in the best taco ever also. The brisket was really tender. It melted in my mouth. These tacos come with lots of brisket on a soft flour tortilla accompanied by cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and fresh cilantro. My side was the beans. The beans weren’t bad, but kind of bland, usually a hi t or miss(I’ve had great beans there before also). But the brisket sure made up for that. The smoky flavor complimented the cheese well. I wish I could eat these everyday. These brisket tacos were so good I’m giving it the first 5 out of 5 rating I have ever given! -D

Risky’s BBQ in Fort Worth Stockyards. After strolling around the shops at the Stockyards we saw Risky’s and instantly remembered they had brisket tacos! So we sat down on the patio and enjoyed the cattle drive while we anxiously awaited our order of brisket tacos. I had order French fries while D order their beans. These brisket tacos were the best tacos that had ever graced my taste buds hands down! So many flavors and the brisket was so moist that it just melted in your mouth like butter! The brisket had such a rich, Smokey flavor and complimented the cheese, and other fixins on the taco. The cilantro was not overpowering and all the tastes just meshed really well together. These tacos were so packed full with meat I had a hard time trying to fold it to eat(n o complaints here!) I highly recommend trying the Brisket tacos at Risky’s if y’all are ever in the area. They won’t disappoint! 5 outta 5 -A

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